Graduate Studies Council

The Graduate Studies Council is a deliberative and consultative body on graduate matters, chaired by the Prorectorate for Graduate Studies (PROPG) who is appointed by the Rector.

The duties of the Graduate Studies Council are:

  • propose graduate policies and norms to the University Council;
  • approve the creation, suspension and cancellation of graduate programs, in compliance with the current law;
  • act as an appellate body in the area of graduate education, when illegality is claimed in the judgment of processes originated from the University councils;
  • elaborate and approve the operating rules of the council;
  • propose norms and guidelines on faculty workload to the University Council;
  • establish the policies for assessment of graduate programs;
  • express opinions on matters, plans and proposals within its area of activity;
  • elect the representatives of the council together with the University Council, noticing that the indication of more than 1 (one) representative by University Unit is not allowed.

Further information:

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