Graduate Scholarships

There are various types of scholarships that can be granted for graduate students.

In the case of foreign students, there is the PEC-PG program (Programa de Estudantes-Convênio de Pós-Graduação), whose application can be done at the Brazilian Consulate of the country of origin.

After enrollment in the graduate program, other scholarships can be granted. Procedures for applying for these can be checked with the program coordinator.



The objective of the Program of Promotion of Graduate Studies (PROF)is to promote the formation of high level human resources, meeting the needs and specificities of public institutions that offer graduate programs at master’s and doctoral levels.

Information about scholarships can be obtained from the coordinators of the graduate programs at UFSC.



The objective of the Program of Academic Excellence (PROEX) is to keep the academic quality of the graduate programs graded 6 or 7 by CAPES, meeting the needs and specificities of the public and private institutions in which they are offered.

At UFSC, the programs which participate in PROEX are those classified as 6/7 and 7/7 in the general list.


  • CNPq 

The National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) offers several types of programs and scholarships for graduate students and researchers in Brazil and abroad. Scholarships are granted directly by CNPq, with no mediation from the Prorectorate of Graduate Studies.

For further information, visit CNPq website.



The Foundation for Support of Scientific and Technological Research in the State of Santa Catarina (FAPESC) aims at supporting and promoting scientific and technological research for the advancement of all areas of knowledge, in order to enhance the regional balance, the sustainable development and life quality of the state.

Several scholarships are offered through public calls to students from higher education institutions in the state of Santa Catarina, at both master’s and doctoral levels.

For further information, visit FAPESC website.



The CAPES National Program for Postdoctoral Studies (PNDP) is an institutional grant program that supports postdoctoral research within the Master’s and Doctoral Programs recommended by CAPES.

To learn more, visit CAPES website.


  •  PDSE

The Doctoral Sandwich Program Abroad – PDSE (Programa de Doutorado Sanduíche no Exterior) aims to support the formation of high level human resources by offering doctoral “sandwich” scholarships abroad to students of Brazilian Higher Education Institutions, provided that their doctoral programs are recognized by CAPES. The study abroad must contemplate, primarily, research in the areas of knowledge that are less consolidated in Brazil.

To learn more, visit CAPES website.