Degree Recognition

In order to apply for the recognition of Master’s and Doctoral degrees conferred by a foreign higher education institution, it is necessary to request an appointment with the Prorectorate for Graduate Studies (PROPG) by email (,together with an application form (see below).

The applicant will receive a message informing the scheduled date and time to attend the appointment, presenting all the documents required to start the process.

Those who are unable to attend on the date and time given must submit a new application or send the documentation through a legal representative, holding a power of attorney and an ID card, on the date and time scheduled.


Administrative Coordination Office (2nd floor)
Prorectorate for Graduate Studies
University Campus (Trindade) – Rectorate Building I
See map.


To see the application form, click here (in Portuguese).
To learn about the required documents, click here  (in Portuguese).


Ordinance no. 01/PROPG/2017 of 31.05.2017 which regulates the operational procedures for the recognition of foreign graduate degrees in the scope of PROPG.

Circular letter no.01/PROPG/2017 which gives information on the new legislation concerning the recognition of graduate degrees issued by foreign higher education institutions.

Ordinance no. 22/MEC/2016 of 13.12.2016 which provides the general rules and procedures for validating undergraduate degrees and recognizing graduate degrees issues by foreign higher education institutions.

Resolution no. 03/2016/MEC which provides rules concerning the validation of undergraduate degrees and the recognition of graduate degrees issued by foreign higher education institutions

Resolution no. 228/CNJ/2016 which regulates the application, within the Judiciary’s scope, of the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents, held in The Hague, in October 5, 1961 (Apostille Convention).

List of states that are party to the Apostille Convention

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